Anchor Group to Renovate Two Bucharest Malls

The real estate developer Anchor Group, who developed the first two malls from Bucharest, has started the renovation of the commercial center Plaza Romania from Drumul Taberei neighborhood. This process will require an investment of 10 million euro and should be completed by the end of the next year.

Towards the end of June, Anchor plans to start a similar renovation process in Bucuresti Mall, the commercial center from Vitan area inaugurated in 1999, considering that in that side of the city, the developers currently work on two large projects, whose inaugurations are expected in 2015 and in 2016.

Etap Rom Construct signed a contract with Anchor Group for renovation and construction works in Vitan Mall for the Mega Image Project, also the fit-out works and for the Koton shop.

Mr. Habip Ozkan, General Manager of Etap Rom Construct, announced that this is a very important contract for the company and the construction works on the site are developing as planned and approved by the Beneficiary. The projects will be completed on beginning of next year.