The Government of Romania supports investments that create jobs

Yesterday Prime Minister Victor Ponta visited Buzau

PSD-UNPR-PC candidate, Social Democrat Victor Ponta arrived in Buzau yesterday to participate in several local events, including the opening of Glasscorp Glass Factory, a factory taken over by the Turkish company Şişecam, which will produce windshields in Buzău for the more important car brands across Europe. Apart from the opening of the Glasscorp plant, perhaps the most important part of its visit to our county, Prime Minister Victor Ponta was also present yesterday at the Buzău Water Company, where the work of the “Extension and Rehabilitation of the Infrastructure water and waste water in Buzau County “. At the meeting with businessmen, occasioned by the inauguration of the glasscorp factory, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said with the subject and preached that the future prime minister of Romania will be Călin Popescu Tăriceanu. Ponta appreciated that, along with this, will support Romanian and foreign investments because he wants Romanians to have jobs. “The Romanian Government supports investment that creates jobs and helps the development of any region. I want to assure you that the future government – which I think will be led by Călin Popescu Tăriceanu – will equally support this business environment that creates jobs and prosperity. This good direction of investment support, infrastructure development needs to continue, and that is what we need to do. These days were unfairly discussed about the fact that only some Romanians are laborers, the others are bad and lazy, just because they vote in a way. The message for Iasi, for Buzau, Cluj or Timisoara, for Craiova or Galati is clear: I want to promote the idea that in Romania, Romanians, if they work, are hard working people, “said Victor Ponta. In his turn, Calin Popescu Tariceanu said he was due in the following days to a hard battle to win the elections. “We have 10 days of battle to go to the election. My very clear desire is that on 16 November we close a bad page called the Basescu regime in the history of Romania, “said the President of the Liberal Reform Party. Along with Ponta, the “travel” to Buzau was also made by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, the Minister of Transport, Ioan Rus, the Minister of the European Funds, Eugen Teodorovici. On the same day, our Deputy Minister for Relations with Parliament, Eugen Nicolicea, and Minister of Education, Remus Pricopie, were also in our county. On behalf of the local authorities, on the premier’s agenda they folded, the president of PSD. Buzau, Mayor Constantin Boşcodeală, accompanied by Deputy Mayors Sebastian Radu and Fănică Bârlă, Senator PSD. Victor Mocanu, but also his son Adrian Mocanu, deputies Marcel Ciolacu, and Marian Ghiveciu, senator U.NPPR. Constantin Popa, the President of the County Council, Cristi Bîgiu, the prefect Maria Buleandra and the sub-prefect George Sava, many other politicians or businessmen from Buzău. There was also the county councilor Gheorghe Vlase, obviously as the local leader of P.L.R., the party headed by Călin Popescu Tăriceanu.