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On May 25, 2018 becomes applicable

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament

– on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data in the EEA and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC – the General Data Protection Regulation.

The primary purpose of the “GDPR Regulation” is to increase the level of protection of personal data and create a trustworthy climate that allows each person to control their own data.

What are personal data?

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual
different information which, together, can lead to the identification of a particular person is also personal data. Personal data that have been anonymized, encrypted or pseudonymized but can be used to reidentify a person remain personal and are targeted by GDPR.

What are the main types of personal data?

Classical personal data: first and last name, home address, phone number, date of birth, place of birth, identity card, workplace or school, bank details. Taken separately, some of these data will not lead directly to an individual, but if you start combining two or more of these data, you can identify a person uniquely.

Digital personal data: email addresses, accounts or posts on social networks, metadata, IP address (in some cases), cookies.

Sensitive data: genetic and biometric data, medical data, racial or ethnic origin, data on sexual orientation, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, data on criminal offenses or contraventions. These special data can only be processed under very strict conditions.

Etap Rom Construct and Consulting does not collect or use personal data except in recruitment processes when necessary and only within the limits of the law.

In general, we will delete your personal data if we do not need the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and other contact information;

Your CV or cover letter, previous work experience and / or relevance, or other experience, education, transcript, or other information you provide to us that has been or has not been requested by us

There is a series of personal data provided indirectly. As you have seen from the first seconds you entered, this site uses cookies.

They automatically collect information such as:

-Country / city
-day of access and how many times you entered the site
-the device that you access the internet (phone, tablet, laptop, PC)
-the kind of browser you use (Google, Mozilla, Internet Explorer etc)
-What time do you spend on the site and what articles you visit
-from which links you entered the site
-what interests you
What is a cookie?

An HTTP cookie or a cookie is a special text often encoded, sent by a server to a web browser
and then sent back (unmodified) by the navigator, each time accessing that server.

Cookies are used for authentication as well as for tracking user behavior.

Cookies are typically applications that are retention of user preferences and the implementation of the “shopping cart” system. In short, a cookie is a small file, generally made up of letters and numbers, which is downloaded to a computer’s memory (or other equipment used for online browsing – mobile phone, tablet, etc.) when the user accesses a specific site web.

Cookies can provide faster and easier interaction between users and websites. For example, when authenticating a user on a particular website, authentication data is stored in a cookie; the user can then access that site without having to authenticate again.

In other cases, cookies can be used to store information about user activities on a particular web page so that they can easily resume their activities when accessing the site.

Cookies tell the server what pages the user should show to the user so that they do not have to remember this or navigate the entire site from scratch.

Cookies can also provide websites with the ability to monitor users’ online activities and set up user profiles that can then be used for marketing purposes.

Etap Rom Construct and Consulting will not ever send advertisements or ad-notifications. Our site  is simply for you to know us and get in touch with us.

Thank you for your visit on our site and we mention that we are constantly working on improving the site so that you can access it as easily as possible.